October Julep Maven Box

Today I got my October Julep Maven box.  I’m really not that into crackle polishes (never have been) and almost all the boxes had crackle in them, so I opted for the Maven’s Choice box – a new feature this month.  Here’s what came in it:

Of course, the first thing I noticed: candy corn!  I love when they include little extras like this!  And in case anyone is wondering, I’m wearing OPI Russian Navy in the pictures.

They also added two little pots of loose glitter – in black and orange – which I love!  The glitter is super fine, and will be great for nail art or a solid glitter accent nail.  Despite not really liking sparkle on my nails, I am really excited to try these!

The polishes I got are Eloise, a dusty blue creme, Lisa, a greenish/greyish/brownish creme, and Keira, a really great berry creme.  I also added Caroline, a vampy red shimmer (it didn’t technically come in the box, but whatever).  I really like all of them!  This might just be my favorite Julep box so far.

And of course, Squirrel’s favorite part of the box – the ribbon.  Which she immediately stole.  And then tried to eat.

It pretty much looks like ugly lace now (aka, it’s full of holes).

Want to become a Julep Maven and get awesome boxes like this every month?

CLICK HERE to sign up!

Use code “COLOR2012” and get your intro box for only a penny!  Definitely worth a try, right?  If you hate it, you can always cancel (or skip a month or two).

Plus, if you sign up now, you can purchase any boxes you missed in the last few months (including this one!).

If you sign up using my link, let me know in the comments, and tell me which style you got – I’m American Beauty 🙂

9 thoughts on “October Julep Maven Box

  1. I received the same box this month, too, and my add-on was Hermione, the white crackle. I figured since I have a silver crackle and a black crackle that a white one would round it out. Sadly, they forgot to add my extra polish, so I had to email them about it. Maybe it will ship soon!

    Thanks for mentioning the glitter, since I was wondering how to use it. Initially, I thought it was eyeshadow, but then I figured I’d try sprinkling it on my nail polish before it dried.

    Oh, and I have a kitty who I call my “Baby Squirrel.” I’ve never known anyone else to call their cat that, so I was excited to see that you do, as well! : )

    • Glad they let you add it late – awesome customer service! I almost got Hermione, too (because I love Harry Potter haha), but I’m not really a fan of crackle on me – I’m too OCD about the cracks being even and it drives me crazy all day haha. But I really like the other colors – I’m wearing Eloise right now 🙂

      And I haven’t tried the glitter, but if you go on Julep’s blog, they posted a tutorial on how to use it. For a second, I thought it was packed like eyeshadow because of the plastic thing inside, but it’s definitely loose – got everywhere already haha.

      That’s awesome that you call your cat “Baby Squirrel”! I’ve actually heard one other cat with that nickname at the vet, but most people think its a weird name. Perfect for my kitty, though! It was the inspiration for my blog name 🙂

  2. I too ordered the Maven’s choice box – haven’t tried crackle but it weirds me out.
    I’m in Canada though so I’m still waiting for my box to arrive.
    Love your manicures; what do you put around the edge of your nails to keep the polish perfect?

    • I’m not really a fan of crackle either. I don’t own any, but I tried my sister’s once and didn’t really like it. I’m glad they added Maven’s choice because I probably would have cancelled otherwise. But I love the colors in this box!

      And thank you! Honestly, I’m a messy painter most of the time. But I use a small, stiff eyeliner brush dipped in acetone to clean up around my nails. I’m better at cleaning up than painting, so I just do it that way instead 🙂

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    • If you buy a lot of nail polish, then yes. The formula is great, so you really do get what you pay for. And the option to skip a month is really nice – I only get the boxes I really love. You can use the link and code at the bottom of the post to try your first box for a penny and see for yourself! 🙂

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