LDTTWC Day 7: You’re timeless to me!

Today’s post is supposed to be inspired by something that’s popular both then and now.  Hardest challenge day by far.  The nails were actually pretty easy, but the idea took me days!  Which is partially why this post is late.  There were several (hugely unsuccessful) attempts before this.  Finally I just picked something that is classic in all its forms: plaid.

Whether it’s private schoolgirl skirts (which I am all-too familiar with) or the inside of a Burberry trench (which I wish I was more familiar with), everyone knows some sort of plaid.  Plus, it goes along with my (inadvertent) European theme for this challenge – kilts anyone?

So here’s my plaid.  I don’t love it, but I do like it.  I wish I had the time to redo it, but this post is two days late as is.  But rest assured there will be more plaid soon. Especially since I think it will be an awesome mani for fall and winter.

Anyway, you should definitely go check out all the other awesome time warp challenge manis by clicking the link below.  And stay tuned for my Day 8 post (last one!) tomorrow.

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