Yoga-ta Get this Blue

For some reason, I have been consistently drawn to shimmery, dark blue polishes lately.  In the past week, I’ve had everything from OPI’s Russian Navy to China Glaze’s Up all Night on my fingers, and most of them were recent purchases.  But my favorite? OPI’s Yoga-ta Get this Blue.  It’s seriously gorgeous.

Yoga-ta Get this Blue is a gorgeous navy shimmer, with the brilliant addition of turquoise shimmer that’s only visible in brighter lighting.  I absolutely loved wearing this, and I couldn’t stop staring at my nails, especially when I was in the sun.

I picked this up a week or so ago at ULTA, but it was the only one there.  So if you can find this (check Amazon or Ebay), get it.  Just looking at the pictures as I write this makes me want to put it on again.

Shown is two coats of Yoga-ta Get this Blue with Essie Good to Go.

What’s your favorite blue polish?

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