Loose Glitter Review

I’ve been meaning to try loose glitter in nail art (though you can also pick out the pieces from glitter polish), and KKCenterHk was kind enough to send me some to review.  Today I’m showing you two very different types of glitter. I can’t decide which I like better!

First up is some 1mm loose glitter.  I really love the versatility of the small glitter – you can see some of the many looks you can create with this.  The glitter I used for this design is available here.  The base color for this mani is OPI Don’t Talk Bach to Me, and I absolutely love the two together.

Next, I have some really interesting glitter.  It is much larger (2.5mm), and both sheer and iridescent.  I decided to put it over white (OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls) to show the colors best.  This glitter is actually lavender in the pot, but shines yellow when you look at them individually.  You can see both colors on my nails here.  The larger glitter is harder to work with, but I really love this look, too.  You can purchase the glitter I used here.  They have a few other colors with the same effect.

To create both of these designs, I painted my nails the base color, and then used a toothpick and some topcoat (not fast-drying) to stick on the glitter.  Then used another coat of topcoat to seal it in.  Super easy, but super awesome.

All my readers can use coupon code THEPOLISHSQUIRREL to get 10% off any order from KKCenterHk until the end of January! They have a ton of different products from wigs to anything you could possibly want to put on your nails. Let me know what you get!


The products in this post were provided to me for review and can be purchased here.

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