Blood Spattered Nails

Day 3 of The Twelve Days of Halloween is… blood spattered nails.  Well, really, red polish spattered nails, but it’s the same thing, right?  I actually had a lot of fun with these, and I really like how they turned out (other than the blood being a teensy bit too pink, but whatever).

I was already wearing OPI My Very First Knockwurst when I decided to do these, and that made a great base.  The red is a mix, since I couldn’t find a dark red that, when spattered, didn’t turn bright pink.  This time, I taped off my fingers before doing the spatter, and that really helped with cleanup!

Have you done any Halloween-themed nail art? I would love to see it!  Post your link in the comments below. (You can share other people’s nail art, as long as you give them credit.)

2 thoughts on “Blood Spattered Nails

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