The Monster

Happy Frankenstein Friday!  (It’s a real thing, not something I made up.)  I thought the perfect way to celebrate was to wear my Frankenstein-themed polish: Hare Polish’s The Monster.  Fun fact: Frankenstein is the name of the scientist, not the monster (he has no name).  Most people don’t know that, so, being the lit nerd that I am, I have to thank Hare Polish for getting it right!

The Monster is actually a gorgeous dusty green color with tiny black and bright green glitter.  This polish is amazing!  I have a weird phobia about using indies, so to conserve, I layered it over Essie School of Hard Rocks, which is almost identical to the base color.  Very Frankenstein-y, but still beautiful.  This might just be one of my favorite indies of all time.

This is two coats of SOHR, with one coat of The Monster on top and Essie Good to Go.

Now I’m in the mood to re-read Frankenstein.  Have to go find my book.  Hope you all have a wonderful Frankenstein Friday and a great weekend!  I’m planning on posting my other two Halloween indies this weekend.

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