Blood Clot

Pretty & Polished Blood Clot is the second Halloween indie polish I have to show you.  I absolutely love this one!  It’s a murky red jelly filled with different sized red glitter.  Depending on the lighting, the glitter either looks slightly lighter or slightly darker than the base, which is a really cool effect.  It’s actually not that sparkly, either, which I love.  From a distance, it’s just a gorgeous red, but up close it sort of looks cool and chunky – like a blood clot.

For this post, I layered two coats of Blood Clot over Essie Apertif because I didn’t know how many coats it would take to get opaque, and didn’t want to use more than two.  I’m pretty sure this will look best at three coats by itself.

I have one more Halloween indie to show you tomorrow (I have another on the way, but I don’t think it’ll get here in time).  I really love them all, especially since the ones I picked up don’t necessarily look like Halloween, so I don’t have to wait to wear them again.

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