November Julep Maven Box

My Julep Maven box arrived yesterday!  I’m usually an “American Beauty,” but this month I switched and went with the “It Girl” box.  The theme this month was “suedes,” so almost all of the polishes were a matte suede finish.  I was excited to try them, and just really loved the muted green and purple that came in this box.  I also chose to add on a few extras, but they’re not here yet, so you’ll see them later.

This is what came in my box:

I always like their little cards.

The “”It Girl” box came with three polishes: Hailee, a sage green suede, Nora, an aubergine suede, and the Matte Topcoat.  They also included three little individually wrapped remover pads.  I think the pads are great! I’m keeping one in my purse, just in case I have a polish emergency.

These polishes have a “Matte Suede Finish,” meaning that they’re matte, but shimmery.  In this case, they’re full of silver shimmer.  I was a but apprehensive about this box, given my experience with mattes.  Turns out, I was right.  I did a mani with Nora last night, which I loved, but only lasted about four hours before half of the polish on my index finger was gone, and several other chips had appeared.  All this just reading a book, no washing dishes, no showering.  Also, washing hands and using hand sanitizer once or twice had already begun to make my tips shiny.  So while I like the look of the suedes, I am definitely disappointed.  I’m not blaming Julep, because I have had this problem with every matte I’ve tried (sometimes worse).  I think I just had high expectations for these, given how much they retail for.

What do you think about the suedes?  Have you tried them yet?

Also included – their holiday gift guide!  I love all the gift sets (for myself, obviously), and you can find them on their website right now.  They retail for anywhere from $18 to $100+.

Not a Julep Maven?  Sign up HERE!  Use code COLOR2012 to get your first box for only a penny!

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