Happy Holodays

Today I have some more new Pretty & Polished colors!  The Happy Holodays (get it?) duo is comprised of a gorgeous red holo jelly and a very Christmassy glitter topper.  Individually, they rock, together they are holiday perfection.

First up is Ruby, a deep red jelly with scattered holographic microglitter.  It kind of reminds me of Zoya Blaze (which I don’t have, but have seen plenty of swatches of).  This is beautiful.  I actually really love how subtle the holo is – the red is center stage, the holo just makes it extra special.

Here’s another pic where you can see that gorgeous, lit from within quality Ruby has.  So, so pretty.  This is two coats of Ruby with Essie Good to Go.  Ruby dries a bit dull, so you’ll definitely want some top coat to bring out the sparkles.

And here it is with the Glitter Topper.  The glitter topper is made up of two sizes of small red glitter, small lime green glitter and smaller kelly green glitter.  Compared to a lot of Christmas glitters I’ve seen, this is relatively simple, but oh-so perfect.

And mattified so you can see the glitter better. This is one coat of the Glitter Topper over Ruby.  The glitter was easy to apply.  There was no fishing or dragging.  I really love how it looks matte!

Pretty and Polished’s holiday collection with be available this Friday, November 9th in her Etsy shop.  I have three more of them to show you this week, and they’re equally amazing.

What do you think of her new polishes so far?

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