Island of Misfit Toys

I’m going to be completely honest: I only bought this for the name.  I’m usually not a multi-colored glitter person, so this just didn’t seem like “me.”  But I surprised myself by totally loving it!  There’s just something so fun about it – all the colors and shapes are awesome.  Even my little sister, who hates glitter, tried to steal this bottle.  Maybe it’s magic.

I mattified it so you could see the different shapes better.  My absolute favorites are the green moons!  I didn’t get any on my nails for this swatch, but you can see a couple towards the bottom of the bottle.

This was only one coat with a tiny bit of dabbing to fill in bald spots – not bad at all for a glitter like this.  Shown over OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest.

The name is a reference to the claymation Rudolph movie, which is my favorite Christmas movie ever (except maybe Elf), which is obviously why I had to get this.

Island of Misfit Toys will be available on Friday, November 9th along with the rest of Pretty & Polished’s holiday collection in her Etsy Shop.  I believe they will go on sale at 10am EST.

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