Winter Ikat

These are my first attempt at ikat nails.  I wanted to do something with some of my new polishes (Ulta is an addiction), but didn’t feel like dealing with brushes and dotting tools, or tape, so I ended up with these.  They’re not my best work, but I really like how they turned out.  LOVE nail art that looks good even when it’s messy!

I finally got around to buying Essie Mint Candy Apple and Lilacism the other day, and thought they looked great together.  I combined them with a favorite of mine, Essie Bobbing With Baubles, which is a gorgeous navy, instead of traditional black.  The white is Essie Blanc.

I am totally in love with how the navy takes bright pastels from spring and makes them perfect for winter!  This is definitely a color combo you’ll be seeing from me again.

I think the cold weather (meaning the temp dropped below 80 in Southern California) has inspired me to do some more fall and winter manis, so expect to see more nail art in the next few weeks!

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