Green-Blue Ombre

I LOVE how this turned out!  I’ve been changing my nails every day lately, but I wore this for three days because I loved it so much.  The colors work really well together.  It’s fun, but still subtle.  I will definitely be doing these again, and am trying to put together other color combinations that work just as well.

From green to blue (thumb to pinky), the polishes I used are: OPI Don’t Mess With OPI, OPI Jade is the New Black, Essie Going Incognito, Essie Go Overboard, and OPI Ski Teal We Drop.

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to do these again.  These are definitely a favorite!  I actually have the bottles sitting on my desk right now because they’re so pretty together.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of ombre nails?

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