Snow Prince

I love when indie polish makers put glitter in a white jelly base.  Windestine’s Snow Prince is no exception.  This is gorgeous!  It’s a white jelly base with lavender and gold glitter.  I really just love everything about this.  The white is a true white, but it’s soft, not stark.  The glitter is the perfect size and spreads out evenly, and the overall effect is beautiful.

I really like how speckle-y this looks.  My little sister told me my fingernails look like dinosaur eggs, which they kind of do.  Pretty dinosaur eggs.

This was three coats of Snow Prince with Essie Good to Go.  Please ignore the tip wear, I wore this for three days before I remembered to take pictures.  I’m going to try layering this over a white polish next time.

Windestine polishes are available from Etsy and Big Cartel, and you can check her website for info on restocks and new collections.  This Friday, 11/23, you can use promo code “stuffing” to get free shipping in her Big Cartel shop for Black Friday.  I know I’ll definitely be adding to my collection 🙂

International readers: Windestine is now available on Overall Beauty, which ships internationally, so now you can get your hands on some of these awesome polishes!

3 thoughts on “Snow Prince

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