Advent Calendar Day 4 – Silver

I’m usually pretty uncomfortable wearing metallic polishes, especially silver.  They’re just too bright and flashy for me.  So I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for today’s post.  But then I remembered I had gotten China Glaze Glistening Snow (from the Holiday Joy collection), which is gorgeous.  But removing ten full glitter nails didn’t sound very appealing, and I wanted to do something a little bit different, so this is what I came up with.  I actually ended up really liking it!

silver dots

For all my nails except my ring fingers, I used Essie No Place Like Chrome.  I got this polish for stamping, and it is definitely excellent for that purpose.  This is one coat!  The ring fingers and dots  are China Glaze Glistening Snow.

This kind of reminds me of glitter wrapping paper.  I really love the texture – I decided not to add topcoat because I loved the way that the glitter dots were raised.


And here’s a super close, blurry picture so you can see the awesome holographic sparkly-ness of Glistening Snow:

silver dots

What’s your favorite silver polish?

9 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 4 – Silver

  1. This is gorg. I did not buy this Essie as I thought they had too many brushstrokes – now that I want it, cannot find it! Grrrr. I usually use Zoya Trixie or one from Orly the name escapes me when I need a silver. They are both more foil than this Essie is. I think the China Glaze is lovely. I passed it over when I first saw it and likewise now it’s gone from the stores I have been in. I did not buy the gold one either from ChG because it’s a dupe of one I hunted down last yr that was a ChG Ulta Elusive. I do like how this kind of microglitter goes opaque. That’s very nice when I can get past the grit factor that drives me nuts despite using Gelous. Like you I feel sort of funny with metallic nails – but I am liking them right now. I love Zoya Zvi – it’s so pretty and I never used to think a gold metallic was anything but kind of like a cheap bad looking holiday ornament. This looks so easy to do and it’s not ‘in your face’ at all. Am going out of town this week now for medical and will try to look at a few places near where I have to stay that sells ChG and see if I can get my paws on this silver. I think my gold one from last year needs this silver to live next to it in my stash! That said, I do like the silver micro glitter that is in the winter 2012 Essie group. It’s a totally different silver – cannot put my finger on what is different about it. It’s kind of rich looking.

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