December Julep Maven Box

I got my December Julep Maven Box in the mail yesterday, which is always exciting.  This month’s theme was sparkle, so all of the nail polishes were either super shimmery or glitter. I was immediately drawn to the ones in the It Girl Box, so I switched to this one.  Here’s what came in it:

december julep box

The card on top shows the three polishes that came in this box.  From right to left, they are Vivien, a metallic/foil-y gold polish with chunky gold glitter, Ivy, a gorgeous duochrome blue, and Harper, a light teal with iridescent glitter.  They’re not super holiday-esque, but they’re very winter appropriate and very rich looking.  I really like them!

As always, the wrapping was super cute, and there were a few extras included in the package.

december julep box

Here are the three polishes that came in the box, as well as a (delicious) peppermint and a polish ring with instructions on how to make it yourself.  Super cute!  I did some quick swatches of the colors just to see how they’d look on, and they’re actually really nice.  Vivien gives surprisingly good coverage in two coats.  I will definitely try to post swatches soon!  I’ve been really bad about posting swatches and reviews of the Julep polishes, and I need to fix that.

december julep box

If you haven’t seen polish jewelry before, its basically a clear cabochon, or rounded piece of glass, that you paint polish on the back of, and mount in a setting.  Here you can see how big the ring is.  It’s large, but not overly so.  Since I am allergic to most metals, I don’t think I will be able to wear this myself, but I will most likely put it together and then gift it to a friend.

december julep box

What do you think of this month’s box?  If you’re a Maven, too, I’d love to hear which box you got this month and what you think of it!

Not a Julep Maven?  Sign up HERE or by clicking the “Become a Maven” button on the right hand side of the page!  Use code COLOR2012 to get your first box for only a penny!

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