Advent Calendar Day 6 – White

I went super simple for today’s post.  I actually really like how it turned out, though I can’t decide if this is more “winter” or “spring.”  Either way, the names of the polishes I used are definitely more “winter,” so it works.  Right?

snow globe & alpine snow

For this mani, I started with OPI Alpine Snow and topped it with China Glaze Snow Globe (maybe I should have saved this for the “snow” themed day of the challenge).  When glitter is super sparkly like this, I like to tone it down with a matte topcoat (which also helps it photograph much better).  I used Essie Matte About You here.

Two random things about Snow Globe: First, this is the strongest-smelling polish I own.  Anyone else have that problem?  Because I seriously hate opening the bottle.  It’s bad.  And second, has anyone seen the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure dupe of this with the same name?  I saw it at CVS today, and totally had a “hey, wait a minute” moment (right after getting lectured by two old ladies about how the $8 polish in my basket was way too much and I shouldn’t be spending that kind of money. If only they knew…).

snow globe & alpine snow

Anyway, I have LOVED hearing all your favorites this week, and since this is the last color themed day of the challenge, I have to ask: what is your favorite white polish?

5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 6 – White

  1. I am saving Snowglobe for the snow day lol This is pretty much what I was planning for snow actually!

    This is really cute! Winter and Spring appropriate I think!

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  3. This turned out very cute and love how you got lectured when buying polish that’s what I hear from my family all the time too! They just don’t get it lol.

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