Advent Calendar Day 12 – Family

Anyone else think this day of the challenge was insanely difficult?  I spent at least a week trying to come up with something for today.  I finally decided on trying to depict some of my family’s Christmas traditions.  I used tape to make the designs so they’re kind of simple and graphic.  These actually looked really good glossy, but my camera hated them, so I had to mattify them for pictures.

family christmas traditions

Some of the Christmas traditions I tried to depict were decorating the tree together, opening presents on Christmas Eve so we can sleep in on Christmas (now that my youngest sister is too old for Santa), driving around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights (the middle finger is supposed to be a house), and going to Christmas Eve mass with the whole family before dinner at my grandma’s house.  (I did the tree twice because I really liked it and couldn’t think of anything else.)

I used Essie Going Incognito and OPI Goldeneye.  These colors are awesome together!

What are some holiday traditions your family celebrates?

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