Advent Calendar Day 20 – Sweets & Candy

These are kind of “meh.”  I don’t hate them, but I don’t really like them all that much, either.  But I wanted to do peppermint candy swirl nails, so here they are.  I wish I had spaced them better to get five swirls on each nail, but oh, well.

candy nails

I used OPI Alpine Snow and Essie Headmistress.  I started with a white base and then painted on the red swirls with a medium-length striping brush.

candy nails

I probably should have gone more simple and just done a candy cane design, but I’m glad I attempted this.  Tomorrow’s Advent Calendar post is an even more epic fail – water marbles are not my thing.

4 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 20 – Sweets & Candy

  1. Hey, I posted peppermint swirls yesterday too! 🙂 Great minds… They were more challenging that I expected. I messed them up the first time I did them. I posted my second attempt.

    • I totally agree – they were definitely much harder than I expected! These are actually my second attempt, too! I was going to post my first attempt, but I got a new camera and the new pictures were soooo much better, so I had to redo it haha

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