Mayan Goodbyin’

December 21, 2012 has arrived, and gone in some countries, and as far as I know, we’re all still here.  But I couldn’t pass up an end-of-the-world themed polish to wear today, so here it is.  Lac Attack Mayan Goodbyin’ is a glitter topper with fall foliage colored glitters of various sizes.  I wish I had had this for Thanksgiving, because it is perfect!

mayan goodbyin'

This swatch is one coat of Mayan Goodbyin’ over two coats of Essie Yogaga.  I did have to dab the glitter on in a few places just to even it out, but that’s not really a big deal.

If you do click on the picture to zoom in, please keep in mind that the bubbles are from my topcoat and not the glitter base.

mayan goodbyin'

And here’s a bottle shot so you can see all the different glitters a bit better.  From what I can tell, there are reddish/orangish, bronze, dark brown, and orange glitters.  The combination is perfect!

mayan goodbyin'

This is a limited edition polish that will only be available until the end of the day today – so if you want it you have to get it now!  Anastasia from Lac Attack will be restocking Mayan Goodbyin’ in her shop at 4pm EST, along with a full Magical Musings restock!  Even if Mayan Goodbyin’ isn’t really your cup of tea, the Magical Musings collection (which is Harry Potter themed!) is definitely worth checking out!

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