Advent Calendar Day 22 – Fruitcake

Ok, I have to admit, today’s theme totally stumped me.  How is one supposed to make their nails look like fruitcake?  Christmas pudding nails, I’ve seen, but fruitcake?  Plus, it’s not really something my family is into, so I think the last time I’ve actually seen a fruitcake outside of a box, I was like eight at the oldest.  I actually had to look up pictures.

fruit cake

These were inspired by a picture of a bundt-shaped fruitcake decorated with red and green maraschino cherries (at least that’s what I think they are).  It was kind of pretty with the shiny cherries against the dark brown cake, and I thought it would make for a relatively easy mani.

I started with two coats of OPI Get in the Espresso Lane (it’s seriously the only true brown polish I own), and then made even numbers of small dots in a circle with OPI Alpine Snow, so that the cherries would be shiny in the middle.  For the red and green, I used OPI Vodka & Caviar and Essie Pretty Edgy.  For the most part, I like how it turned out, though I would probably do a few things differently next time.

fruit cake

The last day of the challenge (Monday) is “recreate your favorite Christmas mani” day, so I’m asking all of you: which mani would you like to see recreated?

2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 22 – Fruitcake

  1. HA Ha I don’t think I can recreate a fruit cake either I think you did great ! 🙂 Not sure which mani you should recreate yours have been really great!

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