Jack the Lad

I’m pretty picky about my butter LONDONs.  For $14 (now $15, apparently), I have to love the color and it has to be something unique, something I can’t get a dupe of for half the price (I’ve made one or two exceptions).  I’ve amassed a pretty good collection of them, but when I saw the bL holiday collection, I immediately fell in love with Jack the Lad.  Then I convinced myself I didn’t need it, that I had too many similar colors.  But when my sister asked which nail polish I wanted for Christmas, this was the first one that popped into my head.

jack the lad

Jack the Lad is a very dark green base with tons of green, gold, and blue shimmer.  It actually reminds me of the a-England Gothic Beauties (specifically Tess), but with a lot more sparkle.  In some lights it does look black (see my nail in the bottle pic below), but mostly it’s just varying degrees of shimmery goodness.  I think I have more greens than any other color (except maybe blue) and this one is definitely something special.

In the bottle, you can see the different colors a little better.

jack the lad

I really love the combination of tons of shimmer and a dark color.  It’s pretty, but not in-your-face sparkly.  And the blackened emerald color is just gorgeous!

jack the lad


What do you think?  Is Jack the Lad worth spending a bit more?

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