Julep’s Black Sparkle Duo

Since I skipped my January Julep box (I think I’m good with neons, and none of the nudes seemed special enough), I decided to pick up a few things in their end of the year sale.  I ordered a scarf, a crystal nail file, and these two polishes… for less than the price the monthly box.

The two polishes are called Patti and Brandt, and came in a set called “Black Sparkle.”  The set is no longer available, but both polishes can still be purchased individually.  Here they are:

julep black sparkle duo

I really liked them both, so I decided to do a simple accent mani using both colors. For most of my nails, I used Brandt, an “off-black” creme.  For reference, Brandt is only slightly darker than Essie Power Clutch or OPI Nein, Nein, Nein, Ok Fine!, but lighter than some dark grays I have, such as OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees.  It pretty much just looks like a soft black.  Really nice.  I used two coats.

julep black sparkle duo

I painted my ring fingers with Patti, a very sheer black jelly base filled with black microglitter and more sparse silver glitter in two different sizes.  I kind of wish you could see the little black glitter more, because it just looks like black polish, and that’s not really worth having to remove a million black specks.  Formula was a little thick, but standard for a glitter like this.  I used three coats and two coats of topcoat to smooth it out.  I do think it is really pretty, and I like the sheerness, because I think it might make a decent topper.

julep black sparkle duo

Julep polishes are available on their website or from Sephora.

Become a Julep Maven and get monthly boxed sets of polish and other goodies, plus free shipping and discounts on everything else on their website.  Sign up HERE or by clicking the “Become a Maven” button on the right hand side of the page!

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