February Julep Maven Box

I just got my February Julep Maven box, and I wanted to show you right away because I don’t have another post prepared for today. This month I got the Boho Glam Box (and realized that I rarely stick with my American Beauty subscription).  I just really loved the colors, and I’m excited to try the new “Freedom” topcoat.

Here’s how it looked when I opened it up.  I always love the little cards.

feb boho glam maven box

The February box came with an Oxygen Nail Treatment, which is supposed to strengthen your nails.  We also got Julep’s new Freedom Topcoat, which seems like it is along the lines of Seche Vite… it’s supposed to dry super fast and give the look of gel polish (you can even “cure” it under a regular light bulb if you want.  I haven’t tried gels, mainly because of the damage and because I just like doing my own nails, so I’m excited to try the Freedom Topcoat to see if I can get a similar look and wear time.  I will try to do a wear-test soon if anyone is interested.

feb boho glam maven box

I got a few little extras this month.  First, I got some little heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  And in the little gold bag is an eyelash curler.  It’s small and plastic (you can see it in the last pic) and seems much more user-friendly than the spindly metal ones.

feb boho glam maven box

And here is everything that came in the box.  The two polishes are Julianne (inspired by Julianne Moore, who I love) and Ingrid (inspired by Ingrid Bergman).  I also added Sally, but she’s not here yet, so I will have to show you later.

feb boho glam maven box

Overall, I think this month’s box is probably the best one I’ve gotten yet, if only because it seems like I got a lot more for my my money.

What do you think of this month’s box?  If you’re a Maven, too, I’d love to hear which box you got this month and what you think of it!

Not a Julep Maven?  Sign up HERE or by clicking the “Become a Maven” button on the right hand side of the page!  Use code JULEPVIP to get your first box for only a penny!

10 thoughts on “February Julep Maven Box

  1. I got the same box! I’m really loving this month too. I’d love to see your wear test on the Freedom Top Coat. I have a nail challenge going on this month so I’m going to have to wait until next month to try it out 😦

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