Looking for a way to wear mustard yellow nail polish in spring?  No?  Well, here’s one anyway.  Butter LONDON Bumster is a mustard yellow that is somehow really delicate and pretty.  It’s very muted and lighter than most yellows like this I’ve come across, which makes it easier to wear.  If you have very yellow skin, this might even be close to nude for you.  I know some of you will probably hate this, but I really like this.  It’s not my favorite, but I still think it’s very pretty.  And it’s an easier, subtler way to wear yellow nail polish.


Bumster has been on my wishlist since I discovered butter LONDON, but I never bought it until a few months ago when there was a great bL deal on Coterie and this was one of the only choices I didn’t already have.  I’m so glad I ended up getting this!  (And for about $5 if I remember correctly.)

The formula was great, like most butter LONDON polishes I’ve tried.  This was two coats with topcoat.


Are you a yellow polish fan?  It’s definitely a hard color to wear, but I think Bumster makes it a little bit easier.

Fun fact about Bumster: it was part of the Alexander McQueen tribute collection (along with All Hail the Queen – originally All Hail McQueen), and is named after his famous low-slung pants.

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