I try to share a decent amount of glitter polishes on the blog because one, I think they’re pretty, and two, I know a lot of people like them.  But I’m not a very sparkly person in real life, so it’s actually kind of difficult for me to wear them.  I usually feel uncomfortable, and once, I literally walked around with my hands in my pockets because my fingers were just too damn sparkly once I got outside in the sun.  When I do wear glitter, I usually limit it to one or two nails on each hand because that’s all I can handle.

But this is a glitter I will 100% wear (on all ten fingers).


Glitzology Violate is a mixture of purple glitter.  There are some darker true purple glitters, some medium purple glitters, and a lot of periwinkle-ish hexes.  I really love that most of the glitter seems to have a satin finish, which makes it a little bit more subtle.  I also really like how the different shapes (hexes, shards, and squares) add some interest, too.

Shown is one coat of Violate over Essie Big Spender with topcoat.


Violate was inspired by the über-creepy relationship between Violet and Tate in the first season of American Horror Story.  I was a little late to the party on that one, but I recently watched it on Netflix and I am obsessed!  If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.  Just don’t watch it alone at 3am like I did.  Because you will never sleep.  Seriously.

Here’s a macro of the bottle so you can see the glitter.  I know some of it looks black, but it shines purple when the light hits it.


What do you think of Violate?  It’s available in Glitzology’s Etsy shop along with a ton of other shades.  I currently have six Glitzology polishes and this one is hands-down my favorite.  If you love glitter, you will definitely find one, or ten, that you like, so make sure to check them out and let me know which ones you get!

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