Die Another Day

I love James Bond.  I grew up watching the movies with my dad, so they hold a special place for me.  Plus, I graduated in 2007, and my class loved to say we were the class of ‘007.  So I had to buy the OPI James Bond collection when it came out.  Right?

Die Another Day wasn’t one of the colors I was all that excited about when I first got it.  So it sat in a drawer for a few months.  And then one day I decided to wear it.  And I completely regretted letting it sit in a drawer for that long.  It’s so gorgeous!


It kind of reminds me a little bit of the OPI classic, I’m Not Really a Waitress, but this is lighter and much more orangey.  I’m not usually a fan of metallic shades like this, but I really love it!

This was two coats of Die Another Day with topcoat.


What’s your favorite polish from the Skyfall/James Bond collection?

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