I just wanted to write a quick post to share one of my proudest blogging moments: my nail art was featured on!!!  I’m still giddy (but that might also be because of the massive amounts of coffee I downed today).

This afternoon, I was at work, and randomly decided to check my email on my phone, which I rarely do.  An awesome reader named Alyssa (who is totally getting some nail mail from me now) had emailed me to let me know that my Boston mani was featured in Buzzfeed’s article, “14 Manicures with Boston-themed Nail Art.”  As I’ve become completely addicted to Buzzfeed over the past few weeks, I had a total fangirl moment at my desk (thankfully everyone who sits near me was out at lunch), and it was honestly a struggle for me not to go around showing everyone right that second (even though I instantly tweeted and instagrammed it).  It was kind of a shock, in a completely amazing way.  And even though I had a migraine and was in the middle of a thirteen-hour workday, I couldn’t stop smiling.  And to top it all off, not only were my nails featured on Buzzfeed, they were the first ones listed in a post about nail art for Boston, my favorite place in the world.  After everything that has happened this past week, personally and as someone who counts Boston as a second-home, this could not have been more perfect.  Best thing ever!

Anyway, here is a picture of the nails that ended up on Buzzfeed:


Check them out on Buzzfeed and in my original post.

P.S. This totally calls for some new Boston nails, don’t you think?  Hopefully I will get them done this week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Buzzfeed!

  1. I often post some of your awesome nail art onto a board that I have on Pinterest called Nails I Love, and they get re-pinned A LOT. 🙂 You go girl – congrats.

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