Guest Post: Setu Rohini from The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries

Today I have another guest post, this one from Setu Rohini from The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries!  She sent in a post all the way from India, and did a really cool tutorial for you! Check it out:

 Guest Post at Polish Squirrel – The Acid Wash Nail Art

Hi Pretty Ladies, I am Setu Rohini from the I am a Business Analyst by profession and a blogger by passion. I am more like your girl next door who is crazy about nail art, makeup and Do It Yourself beauty. This is my first time at ‘The Polished Squirrel’ so I am excited, thanks Stephanie to let me meet you allJ.

I feel at home whenever I am in midst of polish lovers and that’s the kind of warm feeling I am having now J. I was wondering what nail art could I possibly share that is up to the blog yet connects with most of you. Then I decided to do a real simple nail art which doesn’t require no tools absolutely; so that every one of us could easily and quickly grab it J.

I can be extremely talkative so I can go on for a posts length without uttering a word about the nail art so I am stopping here.

Well this form of nail art is called the “Acid Wash” although it has nothing to do with acid or even close to it 😛 . It is very easy and fun, you don’t even need to sit at your desk and concentrate. It can be done ‘Just Like That’. You can see another Acid Wash Nail Art done by me here.

The Acid Wash Nail Art 1

Items Needed

  • Two contrast color nail paints of your choice
  • Q Tip/Ear bud
  • Nail paint remover

The Acid Wash Nail Art 2

The Acid Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Prep your nails for the nail art by washing, cutting, filing your nails and doing the base coat.
  1. Apply a coat of the nude shade (Avon Pink Crush) on your nails and let them dry.

The Acid Wash Nail Art 3

  1. Cover it with a coat of black nail paint and let it dry.
  1. Here comes the fun part. Dip the cotton bud / Q Tip in nail paint remover (you could use a cheaper quality acetone since it’s not going to touch your skin). Just dip it enough to wet the cotton bud and acetone shouldn’t be dripping out of the bud.
  1. Use the nail paint remover soaked Q Tip to wipe off the black color at random places. As the top color will fade, the nude color will be revealed. Do not rub vigorously, or you will wipe off the nude color also giving a sneak peek to your bare nailsL.
  1. Apply the top coat and you have the acid washed nails 😛

The Acid Wash Nail Art 4

Additional Information:

  • Apply one coat each of the nail paints; the sum total will anyways be two. Remember, a thicker coat peels quicker.
  • Depending on your comfort you can also use three colors for a more colorful acid wash effect.

I hope you enjoyed the nail art. Please visit my blog The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries for more.

Thanks so much for doing a guest post Setu! 

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And you should definitely check out Setu’s blog, The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries, for more of her awesome nail art!

Interested in writing a guest post for The Polish Squirrel?  Check out all the details here!  (You don’t have to be a blogger.)

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