Coral and Black

I have a pretty extensive polish collection (check out my stash here), but by far, the majority of them are “fall” and “winter” colors.  That is, dark and/or neutral.  Since my collection was kind of lacking in the bright, summery colors department, I decided to go shopping for some new ones.  I ended up with a few from Essie’s spring and summer collections, including this one, Come Here (which is currently on my toes).  I still felt the urge to darken it up, so I went with my go-to Mr. Candiipants flowers and some polka-dot borders.  I must say, I kind of love it.

neon and black

I used Essie Come Here as a base and painted the design with either Sinful Colors Black on Black or OPI Black Onyx, I can’t remember.  Not that it really matters – black is black, but those two have the best formulas of any I’ve tried.

neon and black

I think these are interesting without being too crazy.  I especially love that Come Here is almost a classic red, but then turns nearly-neon coral in the sun.  Perfect for summer, especially if you have an office job like me.

What’s your favorite summer polish this year?

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