Baby Union Jack

If you’ve been following this blog for any significant period of time, you already know that, despite being an American, I am a complete anglophile (aka lover of all things British).  I studied British History and Literature in college, and I absolutely loved it.  I pulled an all-nighter to watch the royal wedding, so obviously I followed the royal baby news.  I have to admit, I was totally betting it would be a girl, but Britain has a new baby prince!  I’ve done Union Jack nails a few times already (here, here and here), and I love them, so I decided to celebrate by recreating them.

blue union jack

I started with a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and then used butter LONDON Royal Navy and Sprog (which is British slang for “child” – I had to use it).  They’re not my best (these are still my faves!), but I think they’re cute!

blue union jack

Are you celebrating Baby Cambridge with your nails, too?  Or do you not follow news of the monarchy?

3 thoughts on “Baby Union Jack

  1. Cute – I had a feeling it would be a boy and that they knew it all along from tests she would have had for health and normal baby checks…also some of the things she had been known to purchase and colors reported being purchased in fabrics for the nursery…they were described as neutral…but to me they were boy all the way – bisque, darker browns and touches of blue which were reported to be gender neutral blue…not…if you don’t want to know you decorate differently…and if you do know it’s a girl there are touches of soft girl shades even if not pinks. what a big baby too…she did not look like she was big enough to have a 8lb 6 z baby! That’s big for today’s times. she always carried like it was a boy too…not that everyone looks the same but…I am right now nail bummed…I did mine yesterday with zoya Bobbie and it was peeling off in less than 3 hrs and not like I went off and did gardening or dishes or anything…was first time I wore it…really bumbed. Cannot recall any but super cheap polish that did that on me – and i don’t have peeling nails either. sure had not hear that was an issue for any of the newer summer 2013 Zoyas.

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