Matte Black

I’m not a huge fan of matte nail polish.  But, I do wear it occasionally (mostly to tone down glitter).  I’m one of those “why get a ton of matte polishes when you can just get the topcoat?” people, partially because I’ve had awful (insane chipping) experiences with matte polishes.  But, I’ve always disliked how matte topcoats kind of make dark polishes lighter and cloudy-ish.  So when I saw this polish in T J Maxx, I thought I’d give it a try.  And I ended up kind of loving it.  As much as I can love a matte polish.

matte black

On three of my fingers is SpaRitual Body, which is a matte black polish.  It is super black, super matte, and super smooth.  Up until now, I’ve hated applying matte polishes.  They’re hard to work with, and get clumpy too easily.  But Body was one of the smoothest polishes I’ve ever applied.  I will definitely be looking for more SpaRitual mattes (if there are any).

matte black

I happened to have purchased Revlon Elusive the day before, and was surprised to find that it was also matte.  While I actually like this one a little better with topcoat, I thought I’d combine the two, since they’re the only two matte polishes I own that I actually like.  It was hard to photograph, but it’s a black polish with green and teal glitter.  So pretty!

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