Winter Triangles

I’m back!  Sorry for the extended absence.  Short story: stuff happened.  Slightly longer version: I’ve been dealing with insurance companies after someone hit my car on Black Friday, and as soon as that was over, my grandfather passed away, and honestly, I just haven’t been that into posting and didn’t want to force it.  But, it’s Christmas, and that means nail art (right?), so I thought I’d try to get back into this blog.  These aren’t that Christmassy, but I might try to get some red and green and sparkly going in the next two days.  Or at least some snowflakes or something.


These nails were inspired by these by Mr. Candiipants.  I seriously love her, and these are perfect!  Most of the colors I used came from the Essie Winter collection, with OPI My Vampire is Buff as the base and a couple of Revlon polishes thrown in there.  Love these colors!


Thank you all for continuing to read this blog!  There was honestly a point that I considered just not coming back, and a big part of the reason I did was the friends I’ve met doing this.  So thank you!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I hope you all have a wonderful week with family and friends!

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