D!ck in a Box

D!ck in a Box is from the Girly Bits Fall 2013 collection, which is a collection of nine polishes inspired by three of my favorite TV shows: BonesFamily Guy, and Saturday Night Live.  As soon as I saw this collection, I immediately went and preordered all of them.  You might already know, but I have a huge weakness for polishes inspired by my favorite things.  It’s seriously becoming a problem.  Luckily, this entire collection is gorgeous, so it worked out well.  I wore this to celebrate some exciting news: my dad is officially cancer free!

d!ck in a box

D!ck in a Box is a medium gray with a very strong holo and a bit of pink shimmer (check out my thumb above).  If you like holos, you will definitely love this!  Six of the polishes in the collection are holo and they are all amazing.  This is honestly the first time I’ve worn any of them, even though I’ve had them for months, and I was amazed by the formula.  I don’t have a ton of holos, but the ones I’ve tried have either been very sheer, or very pigmented, but with a weak holo (or both *cough* China Glaze *cough*).  But D!ck in a Box was super smooth and perfectly opaque in two coats.  And this is no exaggeration: this was honestly one of the easiest to apply polishes I have ever used.  Well done Girly Bits!

d!ck in a box

Now, I know this is SNL themed, but I can’t help it that this is the first thing that pops in my head (Game of Thrones fans should appreciate this):


Hopefully I’ll have the rest of the collection up at some point in time.  They’re all really amazing.  I ordered the entire full size collection on a whim and I don’t regret it a single bit.

You can get the Fall Season Premiere collection, and the rest of the gorgeous Girly Bits polishes here (if you like holographic nail polish you really need to go check her out).

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