Black & White

Today’s nails were inspired by my iPhone case.  It’s from a brand called Mara Mi and I found it at Target (they have some pretty cute tech cases if you’re interested).  I’m super picky when it comes to phone cases, and I honestly settled a bit for this one, but I do love the simple but interesting black and white pattern.  My last phone had a Mara Mi case, and I loved it so much I would have kept it, but my new phone is slightly bigger.

black & white

I used OPI Black Onyx and My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I think they turned out really cool.  Almost a little bit tribal looking I think.

black & white

I’d been meaning to do these ever since I got the case, and I’m glad they turned out pretty close to what I pictured in my head.  These actually inspired me to do some nail art based on my iPad case, which should be up soon.

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