A Study in Purple

You all loved my green pixel nails so much that I thought I’d try them again.  I think I like the green ones a bit better, but that’s probably because I used smaller squares and I kept them simple and only did an accent nail and not all of them, which took forever.  It was fun looking through all my purple polishes though.  I think next time I do these I’m going to go for something other than a monochromatic color scheme.

a study in purple

If you’d like to know what colors I used, just let me know.  Most of the polishes are OPI, Essie, or China Glaze, and I think there’s one Nails Inc. in there.

Also, I suck and corners.  They are ridiculously hard to paint.  Which I think is part of the reason I feel kind of meh about these.

a study in purple

I don’t think these are my best work, but I thought I’d show them to you anyway because I spent so much time working on them.  And they’re not a complete fail, they looked pretty cool from a distance.

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