I Am Sherlocked

I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t wait and watched season 3 of Sherlock when it aired on BBC.  But I am re-watching it when it airs in America on PBS, because, lets be honest, you can’t really get sick of Sherlock.  So I decided to do some Sherlock nails.


I used OPI Black Onyx as a base, and Sinful Colors Snow me White for the designs.  From thumb to pinky: 221B (Holmes & Watson’s address), Moriarty’s apple, Irene’s phone, my favorite Moriarty quote (“honey, you should see me in a crown”), and Sherlock’s initials (how he signs his text messages).


If you’re a Sherlock fan, what do you think about these?  Are you excited for tonight’s episode?  It’s pretty different from the other episodes they’ve done so far, and there’s a bit of a surprise at the end.  And if you haven’t already seen it, do not miss the third episode of this season.  Trust me.

And if you haven’t seen Sherlock, you need to go watch it (the first two seasons are on Netflix), because it is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

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