Black, White, and Blue

I’ve always kind of loved thick, horizontal stripes, but I’ve never been that great at painting them on my nails.  Straight, horizontal lines on a curved surface are not the easiest thing to do.  But I thought I’d give them another go, and I like how they turned out.  Much better than my first attempt at horizontal striped nail art.

stripes and blue

I wanted to keep it simple with the black and white (the best kind of stripes, in my opinion), and thought the bright teal would be a fun accent.  Definitely a color combo I’m going to keep in mind.  The black and white are Essie Blanc and Licorice.  The blue is Orly Frisky, which is slightly more blue and less green in real life (it’s obviously completely different than the fifteen other light/medium bright blue/teal polishes I own – just have to keep telling myself that).

stripes and blue

I’m definitely a huge fan of the thick stripes (and they’re a tad less difficult to screw up than thin stripes).  We all know I’m a fan of geometric/graphic patterns with florals, and I think these would look great with some delicate little flowers (similar to this).

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