Neon Pineapples

After I did my strawberry nails, I wanted to come up with some creative ways to do more fruit nail art.  These popped into my head one day on the way to work, and they needed to happen.  They didn’t quite turn out how I’d envisioned them, but I think they are so fun!  Definitely some of my favorite summer nail art so far.

neon pineapples

I started out with a base of OPI Black Onyx.  Then I used Sally Hansen White On to paint the pineapple shapes (to make the neon brighter over the black).  I used Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare and Sinful Colors Irish Green to color in the pineapples, and then outlined them in Essie Fierce, No Fear.  They took forever, but I think it was totally worth it!

neon pineapples

What do you think – should I do neon watermelons next?

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