Black & White Stamping

I was in the mood for something simple, and, since I haven’t done any stamping in a while, I ended up with these.  I’ve been wanting to use this stamping plate for a while, and I’m glad I finally got around to it.  I really like how these turned out: simple, but still really interesting.

black and white

I started with a base of OPI Queen of the Road, which is a really beautiful brownish-black shimmery color from the new Mustang collection.  I stamped with Milani White on the Spot and Bundle Monster plate 404.

black and white

I think I’ve just been on a black and white kick lately, that’s all I want to paint on my nails.  I’ve hit the point where I’m done with summer and bright colors and I just want dark, cozy colors and cold weather.  Anyone else?

One thought on “Black & White Stamping

  1. These look gorgeous! I love that you used Queen Of The Road, because since it’s not a plain black it makes the entire design look like nail wraps (if you get what I mean?), so cool!

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