Essie Red Comparison

This post was requested by a reader, and I owe her an apology because I completely forgot to do it until just now.  Sorry Charlotte!  Anyway, I think this is a pretty valuable comparison, because most of these colors are pretty damn close.  I rarely wear reds (mostly because I really hate taking them off), but I own a ridiculous number of them.  These are just a few of the Essie reds I own, but they are really similar.  I’d say you really only need one or two of these.essie red comparison

Thumb: Jump in my Jumpsuit.  This was by far the most opaque and I think it’s my favorite of the bunch.  It’s pretty blue-toned and slightly deeper than a true red.  This one is almost a one-coater, but it takes two coats to be completely opaque.

Index Finger: Head Mistress.  To my eye, this is the closest to true red.  It has both blue and brown undertones, and is a bit deeper than your standard tomato red.  This is two coats, and I still have a bit of a visible nail line in direct light.

Middle Finger: Twin Sweater Set.  This one might be my least favorite, mostly because of the formula.  Color-wise, this is a bit more orange than Head Mistress, but they are almost dupes.  The texture is much more jelly-like than the others.  This is three coats, and I still have visible nail line.

Ring Finger: Dressed to Kilt.  A bit more brown-toned than the others.  I wouldn’t call it a brick red, but it’s definitely more of a fall red for me.  This is the second most opaque – definitely a two-coater, but coverage is pretty good.

Pinky: She’s Pampered.  This one’s a light brighter and more orange than the others.  This is the closest to a true red in this bunch.  Two coats gives good coverage, but cleanup sucks (as you can see).


Thanks to Charlotte for requesting these!  If you have any requests for color comparisons, I’d be happy to put something together for you!  Just shoot me an email at or comment on this post.  Check out my previous red comparison here.

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