Jurassic Park

I’ve finally got another book-inspired post!  I’ve actually been reading a lot lately (outside of my medieval literature class), and recently read Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.  I’ve loved the movies since I was a kid, so I thought I’d finally read the book.  I actually really enjoyed it!  I’ve also been experimenting with acrylic paints in my nail art, and I find they really allow me to paint more detail, which is perfect for this design.  And, bonus: I used two untried polishes in this design.

jurassic park

The black base is OPI Who are You Calling Bossy?, which is an awesome glossy black creme.  The red on the sign and as the background for the t-rex is Essie A-list, which I surprisingly hadn’t tried yet.  The plants were painted with Color Club Wild Cactus and Color Club Twiggie (another untried).  I used white acrylic paint for the Jurassic Park sign and black acrylic paint for all the dinosaurs (I hope you can tell there are dino silhouettes in front of the ferns).

jurassic park

They’re not perfect, but I am kind of in love with these.  Definitely got a lot of practice with details in this design.  I am especially happy with how the t-rex skeleton (from the cover of the book – and the Jurassic Park sign in the movie) turned out.

jurassic park

Anyone else super excited for the Jurassic World movie coming out this summer?  I can’t wait!  I might have to do some more dino nail art for the occasion.

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