Arcane Mermaid

I haven’t ordered any indie polishes in a while, and I’ve been playing catch-up in the past few weeks.  I kind of feel like my polish tastes go in phases, and once in a blue moon I really want some glitter.  This polish definitely satisfied my glitter craving, and I couldn’t help adding some abstract-y mermaid scales (inspired by Mr. Candiipants).  arcane mermaid

I used Pretty & Polished Arcane in the Membrane as the base, and then painted on the scales using white acrylic paint.  I was pretty tired when I was doing this, so they didn’t come out perfect, but I still like them.  I love how glitter looks with a matte topcoat, so I topped it with OPI’s Matte Topcoat.

arcane mermaid

I really love this combination of glitter!  This is two smooth coats, and it dries really smooth – I didn’t even need to add a topcoat to smooth the glitter before I painted on the design.  I’d definitely recommend this one!

arcane mermaid

Pretty & Polished polishes can be purchased from their website or Etsy shop.  Right now, Arcane in the Membrane is still available in both shops.  I’ve been a fan of Pretty & Polished for years (Valentino was one of my first indie polishes), and I have to say, they just keep getting better!  You can check out all my past Pretty & Polished posts here.  I’ve been trying to use a lot of my untried polishes in my nail art lately, so you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of Pretty & Polished and other indie brands!

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