I’m Not Lion

A lovely reader, Tishana, requested I’m Not Lion from the China Glaze On Safari collection, so here it is!  It’s soooo sparkly!

I’m Not Lion is a mix of gold, silver, and holo glitter in a clear base.  All together, it just looks like champagne.  I actually have a hard time finding golds that work well with my skin tone, since I have both pink and yellow undertones and am super pale, but I really liked this one!  I know it’s a fall collection, but I think I’m Not Lion will be perfect for the holidays.

The glitter is super dense in this one.  I got great coverage with two coats, but added a third since close up pictures show gaps in the glitter more.  In real life, two should be plenty.  This is definitely not a layering glitter, but it might work for gradients.

The color of this one changes in different lighting, and the next picture shows how it can look more cool toned, with almost a greenish tinge.  I really like this one either way.  It’s definitely one my my favorite solid glitters, right after CG Some Like it Haute.  You guys know I’m not big on glitter, but CG makes some gorgeous ones!

I think I’m just going to swatch the entire CG On Safari collection before moving on, what do you guys think?  I might try to do some nail art using these colors soon.  But I am taking requests for which On Safari polish you want to see next, so let me know in the comments!


This is another one of Windestine’s amazing glitters, Pansies.  I believe this one is discontinued, but she is still selling some similar ones.  It’s a mix of gold and purple glitter that is simple, but beautiful.  I swatched it over Orly’s Charged Up.

And I matted it so you can see the glitter better.  The purple is less blue (though it does have a blurple flash) and more of a true purple color, but it is impossible to photograph.  Sorry!

I do really love this combo matte.  I love how glitters look with a matte topcoat – it tones them down while at the same time making the individual pieces stand out more.

What do you think of this one? Any other combos you’d like to see with this, or any of Windestine’s glitters?  You can check my stash to see which ones I have, or click the Windestine tag on the right hand side of the page to see more swatches.


Sorry about not posting the past few days!  When it’s this hot out, I don’t get much done.

Anyway, this is Orly Rage, which I’m sure many of you have seen before.  It’s a rose-gold metallic foil.  This isn’t one of my favorites, but if you like metallics, you’ll definitely love this one!  It’s great for summer!

This is two coats with no topcoat.  This applies really well, but as you can see, it’s not that easy to remove – my fingers are sparkly just from the cleanup.  And if you use a topcoat with this, use one you don’t care too much about – the sparkles tend to get caught on the brush and end up in the topcoat bottle, even if it’s dry.

For me, Orly is kind of hit or miss.  Even though I don’t really like this color on me, Rage has a great formula (unlike Charged Up, which I will show you soon).  I do like the rubberized handle on the bottles and the fact for the same price as say Essie or OPI, you get more polish in Orly bottles.  I don’t have that many of them, but there are a few on my wish list I’m looking to try soon.

What’s your favorite Orly?

Pros & Bronze

Today I have a pretty polish and a sad story.

I found OPI Pros & Bronze at CVS last week.  I bought it on a whim, and had it sitting on my coffee table for a few days.  My cat likes to play with my polish bottles, and usually I let her, since it keeps her from destroying expensive things (like my macbook charger).  She batted this around for a while, and then took a nap.  The next morning, it was gone, and I tore apart my apartment looking for it.  Sadly, it is nowhere to be found.  I’m hoping it didn’t somehow end up in the trash, but am starting to accept that it may be gone.  At least I took pictures before it disappeared.

It’s a bronze foil filled made up of copper and gold flecks.  In some lights, it can look like a dark rose gold. It is a really pretty polish, and unlike anything I own, though since I don’t have many metallics or foils, that’s not saying much.

This is three coats with Essie Good to Go.  It was a little sheer, and a pain to remove (I think I still have gold particles under my cuticles), but easy to apply.

I thought this was a very pretty color, but it just wasn’t me.  To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have worn it again, but may have used it for nail art.  I did want to try it over a base color to see how that turned out, but I guess that won’t happen. If you’re a fan of foils and can get your hands on this, I would definitely try this one!

And here is the polish thief.  Her name is Squirrel.  Don’t let her cuteness fool you – she’s evil   😉

Number One Nemesis

Today I have the last of the colors I picked up from OPI’s The Amazing Spiderman collection.  I’ve had this for weeks, but haven’t worn it because it didn’t seem very summery.  But this past week, I needed a break from brights, and this was the first polish I picked up.  Number One Nemesis is a mix of pewter and gold particles in what seems like a very sheer charcoal base.  I really love this!  And I don’t usually like metallic polishes – I’m learning to love sparkle – so that’s saying a lot.

This one is pretty sheer, so this took at least three coats to be opaque.  That said, I know a lot of people don’t like polishes that take so many coats, but unless I’m in a hurry (in which case, I just don’t pick those colors), I don’t mind doing a few more coats, especially for a color like this.  I’ve found that thinner coats, even if it means one or two more, last a lot longer than one or two thick coats.

I don’t own it, but I understand this is very close, though not a dupe, for Chanel Graphite.  Might have to look into that one once I get a real job…

Jeweled Sand

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not big on glitter or shimmer on my nails, but there have been so many great indie glitters coming out that I decided to force myself to try something new.  And I am so glad I did!

I just got this today, and had to share right away because it is so beautiful.  This is Jeweled Sand from Windestine.  I think it’s a great transition glitter for me because it is sparkly, but subtle.  It’s a gorgeous mix of small, slightly holographic, turquoise glitter, even smaller gold glitter, and a bit of tiny pink glitter.  I really love this!  This might just be the polish that makes me a glitter lover.

This is one thickish coat over Essie Brooch the Subject.  I don’t have a ton of experience with glitter polishes, but this applied really well.  The glitter went on really evenly.  I also really liked that the glitter wasn’t gritty and only required a single topcoat to smooth it completely.

I love tiny glitter, so this is definitely one of my favorites.  I ordered three other colors from Windestine’s Etsy store and I am loving them all!  She’s restocking next week, I am definitely going to be ordering a few more!

Fast Track

This is China Glaze Fast Track from the Hunger Games collection.  I freaking love this!!!  I initially only bought Stone Cold and Smoke & Ashes and was hesitant about this one.  Based on some swatches I’ve seen online, I was worried the base would be to yellow for my skin tone.  But there is the teeniest bit of pink in it that makes it perfect.  It’s like the tan version of Essie Lady Like with a million tiny gold flakes in it.  So glad I finally bought this!

This is two coats with no topcoat.  Application is great, but as you can see, clean up is kind of a pain – the glitter gets everywhere and is impossible to get off your skin.  I took a shower after taking this off and there are still a few pieces of gold glitter stuck in my cuticles.

I’m still completely surprised by how much I love this polish.  It might just make it into the Top 10, but I want to see how I like it as a full mani first.

So far I have Fast Track, Stone Cold, and Smoke & Ashes from the Hunger Games collection, but I’m seriously considering buying a few more.  Which are your favorites?

Also, I was originally going to show you Stone Cold today, but it chipped after less than an hour in the middle of my nail.  Not even anywhere near the free edge, or any edge for that matter.  I tried a base coat, but the polish wiped off completely and wouldn’t stick to my nails.  It’s a beautiful polish, but I was so annoyed I just gave up.  Any suggestions for making matte polishes last a little longer?