Rose Red

I’m baaack! Sorry for the long absence, but honestly, I just didn’t feel like doing nail art for a while. But I finally sat down the other day and painted a design on my nails. And I have to say, I’m really happy with how these turned out.

rose red

I really liked how the rose turned out on my Game of Thrones nails, so I decided to make it into a pattern. I started with a base of OPI Embrace the Grey (I hate 50 Shades, but love grey polish too much to pass up that collection). Then I used some red acrylic paint to paint on the roses, and went over them/highlighted with OPI Coca Cola Red (one of my favorite reds ever!). Love the red and grey color combo!

rose red

I think these turned out really pretty, and I kind of love this way of painting roses – kind of abstract. Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

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Neon Ikat

I’ve been adding more neons to my collection lately.  I’m not really one for wearing bright colors on a regular basis, but I like to use neon colors as accents.  My sister, on the other hand, has used up about half my bottle of Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare, which is pretty much a highlighter yellow color that almost glows in the dark.  I thought it might be fun to incorporate some neon and tone in down with a few different gray colors.  The result is kind of grungy looking, to be honest, but I like it.  It definitely shows off the neon polishes in a unique way.

neon ikat

I used some grays from OPI’s 50 Shades collection (I can’t pass up a good gray no matter how much I dislike the inspiration).  The base is Embrace the gray, and the darker gray on top is Dark Side of the Mood.  The black and white polishes are both from Cult Cosmetics – definitely my new favorite black and white polishes!  The white is El Porto and the black is DTLA (all the polishes are named after places in Los Angeles).  The neon yellow is China Glaze Celtic Sun and the orange is Orly Tropical Pop.  This shade of orange is one of my favorite neon colors, but it does not mesh well with my skintone on its own.

neon ikat

I know a lot of you are probably still buried under snow, but we’ve hit the 90s this week in the OC.  I hate the heat, and I’m just getting over a bout of the flu, so it’s been pretty miserable.  I’d trade this weather for snow any day of the week!  Still, the warm weather is putting me in the mood for bright colors, so I thought the neon was pretty fitting.  Hope you liked it!

P.S. Sorry about the condition of my cuticles!  I did these a few weeks ago, and didn’t notice until I was editing the pictures.  I have no idea what is up with my hands, but I wanted to share them anyway.

Neon Rose

I don’t wear neon all that often, but I really love it as an accent to more muted colors.  I think its a really cool trend, and there is a lot you can do with those highlighter-bright colors.  I picked up a few of the Color Club neons on Amazon recently (Color Club doesn’t seem to be sold in stores near me), and I am really loving them!

neon rose

The neon pink is Color Club Warhol.  The other two polishes are from another brand I’ve been getting into recently: Cult Cosmetics.  The gray is Marina del Rey and the gold glitter is Whisky a Go Go.  All of the polishes are named after locations in Los Angeles, which is pretty cool.

neon rose

This mani is definitely something that seems a bit out of my comfort zone, what with the pink and glitter, but I think the gray and the neon keep it a little more edgy than girly.  I really like how the abstract rose turned out. I’ve seen a bunch of designs like this around, and my first few attempts weren’t that great.

neon rose

I know Color Club is a relatively well-known brand, but if you haven’t tried them, I would definitely recommend them.  I am loving their neons and holographic polishes, and some of their cremes are really unique and beautiful (Wild Cactus and Artsy Crafty are my favorites so far).  I’ve been getting all of mine on Amazon. Cult Cosmetics (not to be confused with Cult Nails) are available on their website.  I highly recommend their black and white if you’re looking for some staples.

D!ck in a Box

D!ck in a Box is from the Girly Bits Fall 2013 collection, which is a collection of nine polishes inspired by three of my favorite TV shows: BonesFamily Guy, and Saturday Night Live.  As soon as I saw this collection, I immediately went and preordered all of them.  You might already know, but I have a huge weakness for polishes inspired by my favorite things.  It’s seriously becoming a problem.  Luckily, this entire collection is gorgeous, so it worked out well.  I wore this to celebrate some exciting news: my dad is officially cancer free!

d!ck in a box

D!ck in a Box is a medium gray with a very strong holo and a bit of pink shimmer (check out my thumb above).  If you like holos, you will definitely love this!  Six of the polishes in the collection are holo and they are all amazing.  This is honestly the first time I’ve worn any of them, even though I’ve had them for months, and I was amazed by the formula.  I don’t have a ton of holos, but the ones I’ve tried have either been very sheer, or very pigmented, but with a weak holo (or both *cough* China Glaze *cough*).  But D!ck in a Box was super smooth and perfectly opaque in two coats.  And this is no exaggeration: this was honestly one of the easiest to apply polishes I have ever used.  Well done Girly Bits!

d!ck in a box

Now, I know this is SNL themed, but I can’t help it that this is the first thing that pops in my head (Game of Thrones fans should appreciate this):


Hopefully I’ll have the rest of the collection up at some point in time.  They’re all really amazing.  I ordered the entire full size collection on a whim and I don’t regret it a single bit.

You can get the Fall Season Premiere collection, and the rest of the gorgeous Girly Bits polishes here (if you like holographic nail polish you really need to go check her out).


I was in the mood to try something new the other day, and remembered a tutorial I had seen for replicating OPI’s elusive Black Spotted.  I probably should have watched the tutorial again instead of just diving in, because this didn’t quite turn out how I had hoped.  But it was an interesting experience.  I can’t say that I’ll try this again soon, but that’s only because I hate water marbling and this is a very similar, and equally messy, technique.


I started with a base of Orly Mirror Mirror, and then used China Glaze Grape Pop for the water spots (no idea what to call it).  It’s more speckled than spotted, but I have to say I LOVE how my index finger turned out.  It’s like a weird gradient and I wish I could do that all the time, but I have no idea how I achieved that result.  So it’ll probably never happen again.


If you’d like to know how to accomplish (something hopefully a little prettier than) this look, just search water spotted nails on YouTube and about a million tutorials will come up.  What do you think?  Have you tried replicating Black Spotted?

Star Wars!

I’m a few months late for Star Wars Day, but I recently purchased three polishes from Rainbow Polish’s awesome Star Wars collection, so I thought I’d do a big post with all three!

First up is Yo-Duh!


Yo-Duh! is a green-tinted jelly with large pale green glitter, tiny black glitter, and bright green squares.  The green color in the base is barely there, which I actually like, because you could probably make this work over almost any color.  Plus, it’s not streaky, so it’s easy to layer over contrasting colors, which doesn’t often work well with polishes like this.  I do have to say that the base was kind of watery, but not too bad.  Surprisingly, the green squares were the hardest to get out of the bottle.

This is two coats of Yo-Duh! over OPI Jade is the New Black.  I did have to dab a little glitter into some bald spots to even it out.  I think this would look awesome over black!


Next up is my favorite: Trooper (as in Storm Trooper).


Everyone loves black and white glitter, right?  I have a reasonable collection of them myself.  And so far, Trooper might just be my favorite.  I love the ratio of black to white: tons of white (in different shapes and sizes) with just a touch of black.  But I really love the tiny iridescent flakes!  They really had something special.  I wish I had a bottle of just baby flakies that I can wear with everything!

Shown is one coat of Trooper over Essie Butler, Please?


And finally, we have B-Fett (named after Boba Fett).


I really love this one, too!  It’s a very interesting combination of colors, and very reminiscent of Boba Fett’s uniform.  B-Fett is a sheer gray base (a little thicker and more pigmented than Yo-Duh!) with teal, light blue, white, and yellow glitters.  I really love the effect the colors have all together – it reminds me of a rainy day.  P.S. Can I just say how much I love sheer matte glitter?  So pretty!

This was two coats of B-Fett over Sephora by OPI Frankly, I Don’t Give A-dam.  Again, I had to place some of the glitter to even it out.


I picked my favorites, but there are eight polishes total in the Rainbow Polish Star Wars Collection.  I might pick up a few more (probably Artoo), but I am very happy with my picks!

You can purchase these and more in Rainbow Polish’s Etsy shop!

Cold Winds are Rising

Many of you probably already know that yesterday was the season 3 premier of Game of Thrones.  I finally started watching the show last year, and I am obsessed.  I am so glad it’s back!  So I thought it was the perfect time to break out my GoT-themed nail polish, Dollish Polish Cold Winds are Rising.

cold winds are rising

Cold Winds are Rising is a grey jelly polish with different sizes of teal glitter.  Some of the pieces are holographic, too (you can see that in the bottle in the above pic).  It definitely reminds me of a grey version of Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum.  Application was good – I did need to add some thinner to it, but after that it was fine.  I used three coats here, trying to keep them as thin as possible (which wasn’t that easy).

I really love how the combination of the glitter and the base ends up looking like murky seawater.  Or rain.  Kind of perfect for a Game of Thrones polish that isn’t super dark, red, or gold.  I love it!

cold winds are rising

So… what house are you?  I’m kind of obsessed with House Targaryen (because Daenerys is totally badass), but I still have a soft spot for the Starks.

Also, keep an eye out for some Game of Thrones nail art.  Because I need to do it at some point, right?

Neon Geometric Nails

I was in the mood for something different this week, so I pulled out the neons.  I like neons, but I don’t really like them on me.  Still, I’ve acquired quite a few of them.  I decided to go all out and go for the neon yellow.  I have a terrible habit of putting on neons at night, loving them, and then kind of hating them the next morning in the sun.  They’re just so damn bright, even though I guess that’s the point.  So, instead of taking it off, I decided to add some designs using striping tape.  I think they turned out pretty cool (even my dad complimented them!), but I still couldn’t wear them for more than a day.  Baby steps.

neon geometric nails

The neon yellow is Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare over white.  Once it was dry, I created the designs with striping tape and painted on Essie Power Clutch before peeling the tape off.

The thumb is my favorite, but it too soooo long! I definitely need some more striping tape practice.  I copied most of these designs from The Nailasaurus, who is ah-mazing!

neon geometric nails

What do you think of this mani?  When I have another three hours (yes, it took that long to do both hands), I will definitely try this again with different colors.

Death Day Party

The Lac Attack Magical Musings Collection is hands-down my favorite polish collection of 2012.  And when I first saw pictures of Death Day Party, I knew it was going to be a favorite (I love that part of the books, too!).  It is a clear base filled with tiny gray flakes, tinier orange/copper flakes, and some pink/blue/purple shimmer.  So, so gorgeous!


I took a close-up of the polish in the bottle so you can see how beautiful this polish is.  I really can’t tell you how much I love Death Day Party!  It is seriously magical!

death day party

I used it for some accent nails over yesterday’s OPI Do You Lilac It?, but I can’t wait to do a full mani with this, so you will definitely be seeing it again.  I used one coat here, with a bit of dabbing to fill in some sparser areas.


I think I want to try Death Day Party over a darker color next.  Maybe a cobalt blue.  What color do you want to see it over?

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the Magical Musings collection, available in Lac Attack’s shop.  I’m pretty picky about the indies I buy, but I really love every single one of them!  I really need to get some more swatches of them up soon!

Advent Calendar Day 23 – Rudolph

I’m not all that great at painting faces on my nails, so this was a bit of a challenge for me.  I ended up finding this tutorial and just going with that.  Other than taking kind of a long time, these nails were pretty easy.


The base on all my nails is Zoya Harley, which I just discovered and now love!  For me, silver polish can be a bit too flashy, so this is definitely perfect for those days that call for silver nails.  For Rudolph, I used Sinful Colors Black on Black, Sally Hansen Slick Slate, Essie Beyond Cozy, and China Glaze Ruby Pumps.



Isn’t he cute?

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the challenge, and Christmas eve!  I still haven’t decided which mani I’m recreating for tomorrow, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!