February Julep Maven Box

I just got my February Julep Maven box, and I wanted to show you right away because I don’t have another post prepared for today. This month I got the Boho Glam Box (and realized that I rarely stick with my American Beauty subscription).  I just really loved the colors, and I’m excited to try the new “Freedom” topcoat.

Here’s how it looked when I opened it up.  I always love the little cards.

feb boho glam maven box

The February box came with an Oxygen Nail Treatment, which is supposed to strengthen your nails.  We also got Julep’s new Freedom Topcoat, which seems like it is along the lines of Seche Vite… it’s supposed to dry super fast and give the look of gel polish (you can even “cure” it under a regular light bulb if you want.  I haven’t tried gels, mainly because of the damage and because I just like doing my own nails, so I’m excited to try the Freedom Topcoat to see if I can get a similar look and wear time.  I will try to do a wear-test soon if anyone is interested.

feb boho glam maven box

I got a few little extras this month.  First, I got some little heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  And in the little gold bag is an eyelash curler.  It’s small and plastic (you can see it in the last pic) and seems much more user-friendly than the spindly metal ones.

feb boho glam maven box

And here is everything that came in the box.  The two polishes are Julianne (inspired by Julianne Moore, who I love) and Ingrid (inspired by Ingrid Bergman).  I also added Sally, but she’s not here yet, so I will have to show you later.

feb boho glam maven box

Overall, I think this month’s box is probably the best one I’ve gotten yet, if only because it seems like I got a lot more for my my money.

What do you think of this month’s box?  If you’re a Maven, too, I’d love to hear which box you got this month and what you think of it!

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December Julep Maven Box

I got my December Julep Maven Box in the mail yesterday, which is always exciting.  This month’s theme was sparkle, so all of the nail polishes were either super shimmery or glitter. I was immediately drawn to the ones in the It Girl Box, so I switched to this one.  Here’s what came in it:

december julep box

The card on top shows the three polishes that came in this box.  From right to left, they are Vivien, a metallic/foil-y gold polish with chunky gold glitter, Ivy, a gorgeous duochrome blue, and Harper, a light teal with iridescent glitter.  They’re not super holiday-esque, but they’re very winter appropriate and very rich looking.  I really like them!

As always, the wrapping was super cute, and there were a few extras included in the package.

december julep box

Here are the three polishes that came in the box, as well as a (delicious) peppermint and a polish ring with instructions on how to make it yourself.  Super cute!  I did some quick swatches of the colors just to see how they’d look on, and they’re actually really nice.  Vivien gives surprisingly good coverage in two coats.  I will definitely try to post swatches soon!  I’ve been really bad about posting swatches and reviews of the Julep polishes, and I need to fix that.

december julep box

If you haven’t seen polish jewelry before, its basically a clear cabochon, or rounded piece of glass, that you paint polish on the back of, and mount in a setting.  Here you can see how big the ring is.  It’s large, but not overly so.  Since I am allergic to most metals, I don’t think I will be able to wear this myself, but I will most likely put it together and then gift it to a friend.

december julep box

What do you think of this month’s box?  If you’re a Maven, too, I’d love to hear which box you got this month and what you think of it!

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December Julep Maven Polishes

Julep just released their polish choices for the December Maven box!  This month’s “theme” is glitter!  I’ve actually been really liking glitter accents on my nails lately, so I’m pretty excited to try these.  They all look very appropriate for the holidays.  Click here to see swatches on the Julep Blog.

I’m waiting to see what this month’s Maven’s Choice box looks like, bur right now, I’m planning on getting the It Girl Box for this month – I am completely in love with Ivy (the blue), and I feel like all the other boxes contain polishes similar to ones I already own.

If you’re already a Julep Maven, I’d love to hear which box you’re getting this month and what you think of the colors!  And if you’re not, you can sign up HERE, or by clicking the “Become a Maven” link in the right-hand menu bar.  Use code “COLOR2012” to get your intro box for only a penny!

November Julep Maven Box

My Julep Maven box arrived yesterday!  I’m usually an “American Beauty,” but this month I switched and went with the “It Girl” box.  The theme this month was “suedes,” so almost all of the polishes were a matte suede finish.  I was excited to try them, and just really loved the muted green and purple that came in this box.  I also chose to add on a few extras, but they’re not here yet, so you’ll see them later.

This is what came in my box:

I always like their little cards.

The “”It Girl” box came with three polishes: Hailee, a sage green suede, Nora, an aubergine suede, and the Matte Topcoat.  They also included three little individually wrapped remover pads.  I think the pads are great! I’m keeping one in my purse, just in case I have a polish emergency.

These polishes have a “Matte Suede Finish,” meaning that they’re matte, but shimmery.  In this case, they’re full of silver shimmer.  I was a but apprehensive about this box, given my experience with mattes.  Turns out, I was right.  I did a mani with Nora last night, which I loved, but only lasted about four hours before half of the polish on my index finger was gone, and several other chips had appeared.  All this just reading a book, no washing dishes, no showering.  Also, washing hands and using hand sanitizer once or twice had already begun to make my tips shiny.  So while I like the look of the suedes, I am definitely disappointed.  I’m not blaming Julep, because I have had this problem with every matte I’ve tried (sometimes worse).  I think I just had high expectations for these, given how much they retail for.

What do you think about the suedes?  Have you tried them yet?

Also included – their holiday gift guide!  I love all the gift sets (for myself, obviously), and you can find them on their website right now.  They retail for anywhere from $18 to $100+.

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October Julep Maven Box

Today I got my October Julep Maven box.  I’m really not that into crackle polishes (never have been) and almost all the boxes had crackle in them, so I opted for the Maven’s Choice box – a new feature this month.  Here’s what came in it:

Of course, the first thing I noticed: candy corn!  I love when they include little extras like this!  And in case anyone is wondering, I’m wearing OPI Russian Navy in the pictures.

They also added two little pots of loose glitter – in black and orange – which I love!  The glitter is super fine, and will be great for nail art or a solid glitter accent nail.  Despite not really liking sparkle on my nails, I am really excited to try these!

The polishes I got are Eloise, a dusty blue creme, Lisa, a greenish/greyish/brownish creme, and Keira, a really great berry creme.  I also added Caroline, a vampy red shimmer (it didn’t technically come in the box, but whatever).  I really like all of them!  This might just be my favorite Julep box so far.

And of course, Squirrel’s favorite part of the box – the ribbon.  Which she immediately stole.  And then tried to eat.

It pretty much looks like ugly lace now (aka, it’s full of holes).

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My August Julep Maven Box

I got my August Julep Maven box yesterday!  I was super excited, because this was my first non-intro box.  When you first sign up, you take a quiz and get a specific style.  Each month, you can decide to stick with your style, or try a new one.  This month, I stayed with my American Beauty box and this is what I got.

This month marks Julep’s first birthday, so we got a special birthday box (it was pink!).

Everything was wrapped in glittery tissue paper!  Underneath that was this awesome reusable bag.  I LOVE what it says – especially because there has been so much nail polish drama recently.

Inside the bag was their brand new Acetone Free Conditioning Nail Polish Remover and my two polishes for the month.  First, let me say that the remover is AH-MAZING.  Seriously.  The pump action dispenser is awesome, and as someone who usually uses pure acetone to remove my polish, this stuff is fast, and my nails were super shiny and moisturized after – not dried out.  Love it!

This month, all the polishes were metallics.  My box came with Stefani, a charcoal grey metallic with gold flecks that I’ve wanted to try ever since I discovered Julep, and Dakota, which they call rose-gold, but is really more of a copper, and still beautiful.  Hopefully I will get to swatch these beauties soon 🙂

I love this month’s box and can’t wait to try my new polishes!

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My First Julep Maven Box

Finally got home and opened my Julep Maven Intro box (along with some other super exciting nail mail that I will show you later)!

This is what it looked like when I first opened the box.  I love the packaging!  There were also two cards on top, one telling me what is in the box, and the other welcoming me to Julep.

The package was wrapped in a pink paper bag and tied in a bow with some toe separators.

This is what was in the pink bag: my two Julep nail polishes, wrapped in bubble wrap, and a tube of The Best Pedi Créme Ever!, which I am really excited to try!

According to the card that came in my box, The Best Pedi Créme ever “exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with vitamin E.”  You’re supposed to apply nightly and the bottle claims you’ll see results in only 1 to 2 uses.  I’m planning on trying it tonight, so I’ll let you know how well it works.

I got the American Beauty intro box, which came with Eva, a “juicy raspberry creme” and Renee, a “spring lilac creme.”  Not terribly unique colors, but they’re ones I will actually wear, so that’s a plus.

The Best Pedi Créme Ever! retails for $22 for 2oz of product and Julep polishes retail for $14 and are only 8ml, about half the size of a regular OPI or Essie, but I do really like the rectangular bottles.  The Julep Maven subscription runs for $19.99 a month, so you’re getting a lot more than you pay for.  I got mine during a promotion (which may still be going on) so this box only cost me $0.01.  Yup.  A penny.  And once you’re a subscriber, you get discounts on all their products.

I will be posting swatches of the polishes soon.  Which one do you want to see first?

Have you tried Julep yet? What do you think?

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