Holidays in Hogsmeade

I had planned on sharing this yesterday, but Christmas stuff got in the way.  I still wanted to show you the polish I wore on Christmas because it’s awesome and it’s currently available (so you can snatch it up for next year).  I’ve actually collected quite a few Christmas polishes, but this one is my favorite!  It’s called Holidays in Hogsmeade and it’s from Lac Attack’s Magical Musings Collection.  Yes, they are Harry Potter themed.  And yes, I bought all of them.  I literally cannot resist the combination of Harry Potter and nail polish.  No joke.

holidays in hogshead

Holidays in Hogsmeade (side note: wouldn’t that be the BEST Christmas ever???) is a glitter topcoat made up of different sizes of red and green glitter and some white glitter.  All the glitters are matte, which makes it even more awesome.  I could not decide what color to put under it, and Anastasia, from Lac Attack, suggested silver or gold.  I chose OPI Glitzerland, and I ended up absolutely loving this!  So festive and I got lots of compliments!

Here’s a bottle shot so you can see the glitters:

holidays in hogshead


Lac Attack polishes are available for purchase here.  Holidays in Hogsmeade is available in a full sized bottle for $8 or a mini bottle for $4.25.  You can also purchase full or mini sizes of the entire Magical Musings collection as a set.  Most of them are currently sold out, but according to Anastasia, these shades aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so keep your eyes peeled for a restock!

Hopefully I will get swatches of the rest of the collection up soon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I wish all my readers a (slightly belated) Merry Christmas!  Let me know what your favorite gift was (and what nail polishes you got) or how you celebrated – I always love hearing from you 🙂



This is probably one of the most famous indie polishes ever.  I’m sure you’ve already seen a million pictures of this, but I am so excited that I actually have it.  Acquiring Floam was almost like a rite of passage into lacquer-head-dom.  I am now officially a nail polish addict. 🙂

Getting this was actually complete luck.  I literally woke up, saw a tweet that Floam was in stock, went over to Ninja Polish, and bought it.  No stalking, no waiting, it was just there.  And I never thought I’d own it.  I was amazed!

As you probably already know, Floam is a mix of matte neon blue and yellow glitter.  I don’t anticipate ever getting my hands on another bottle without some trouble, so to conserve the polish I layered it over Essie Mojito Madness here.  In the pictures you can tell there’s underwear, but in real life the colors blended so well together that you couldn’t tell it wasn’t just Floam unless you really looked.

The formula was thick, but pretty standard for a glitter.  But it was a bitch to get off.  I couldn’t even do clean up here – it just wasn’t happening.  But whatever.  It’s Floam.  And it’s awesome!

My little sister was going through my stash when I first got this, and without looking at the label, she picked it up and said, “This looks like that foam play-doh stuff.”  So it definitely looks like its namesake.  And really makes me want to go get some real Floam 🙂

Nail-Venturous recently stopped making polish, but Ninja Polish has been producing it, and is doing a great job at keeping it in stock.  If you want a bottle, you can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock, but my suggestion is to follow them on Twitter for faster updates.