Pros & Bronze

Today I have a pretty polish and a sad story.

I found OPI Pros & Bronze at CVS last week.  I bought it on a whim, and had it sitting on my coffee table for a few days.  My cat likes to play with my polish bottles, and usually I let her, since it keeps her from destroying expensive things (like my macbook charger).  She batted this around for a while, and then took a nap.  The next morning, it was gone, and I tore apart my apartment looking for it.  Sadly, it is nowhere to be found.  I’m hoping it didn’t somehow end up in the trash, but am starting to accept that it may be gone.  At least I took pictures before it disappeared.

It’s a bronze foil filled made up of copper and gold flecks.  In some lights, it can look like a dark rose gold. It is a really pretty polish, and unlike anything I own, though since I don’t have many metallics or foils, that’s not saying much.

This is three coats with Essie Good to Go.  It was a little sheer, and a pain to remove (I think I still have gold particles under my cuticles), but easy to apply.

I thought this was a very pretty color, but it just wasn’t me.  To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have worn it again, but may have used it for nail art.  I did want to try it over a base color to see how that turned out, but I guess that won’t happen. If you’re a fan of foils and can get your hands on this, I would definitely try this one!

And here is the polish thief.  Her name is Squirrel.  Don’t let her cuteness fool you – she’s evil   😉

Number One Nemesis

Today I have the last of the colors I picked up from OPI’s The Amazing Spiderman collection.  I’ve had this for weeks, but haven’t worn it because it didn’t seem very summery.  But this past week, I needed a break from brights, and this was the first polish I picked up.  Number One Nemesis is a mix of pewter and gold particles in what seems like a very sheer charcoal base.  I really love this!  And I don’t usually like metallic polishes – I’m learning to love sparkle – so that’s saying a lot.

This one is pretty sheer, so this took at least three coats to be opaque.  That said, I know a lot of people don’t like polishes that take so many coats, but unless I’m in a hurry (in which case, I just don’t pick those colors), I don’t mind doing a few more coats, especially for a color like this.  I’ve found that thinner coats, even if it means one or two more, last a lot longer than one or two thick coats.

I don’t own it, but I understand this is very close, though not a dupe, for Chanel Graphite.  Might have to look into that one once I get a real job…

Day 8 – Metallic – Needle Marble

I wanted something simple for today, but couldn’t decide between two different colors, so I decided to try a new technique and use both.  I’ve seen this done quite a few times, but have never attempted it myself.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called needle marbling or dry marbling (as opposed to water marbling), and is very easy – there are a ton of YouTube tutorials.  It does however have a much longer dry time because you need to apply the polish pretty thickly.

Because of the shininess of this manicure, I couldn’t really capture it accurately on camera, so sorry if you can’t really see it!  The thumb is a pretty good representation of what this looks like in real life.  I love how it turned out, especially since this was my first attempt.

I used Essie Loophole and Orly Rage for this manicure.

I’m not really big on metallic nail polish (on me – I like it on other people), and this is a little bright and shiny for me to wear everyday, but I will definitely be using this technique again!

Over the Edge

Essie’s Over the Edge, aka Over the Top, is a charcoal base with tiny silver, teal, and blue sparkles (there might even be a bit of purple in there).  Unless your nails are a few inches from your face, though, it just looks like metallic dark grey.  It looks beautiful either way, and it’s a nice twist on black.  The shimmer makes Over the Edge softer than black, and maybe a little easier to wear.  It’s my go-to polish when I want to add a little bit of edge – it’s like putting on a pair of biker boots.

It is a bit thin, but builds up nicely – plus thin coats don’t chip as much, so that’s fine with me.

This is three coats with Essie Good to Go.

I have absolutely nothing like it, but found a good swatch comparison at the bottom of this post.  It looks pretty close to Chanel Steel and Dior Vernis NY57th.