When I saw that Windestine had released a collection inspired by Little Women, I immediately headed over to her Etsy shop and purchased all of them.  I have a serious weakness for nail polish inspired by anything historical or literary.  This is Heartbeat, which I knew would be one of my favorites as soon as I saw the bottle.


Heartbeat is a dark purple jelly with pink and copper microglitter (or very coarse shimmer).  It’s beautiful and perfect and the formula is great.  It is a bit sheer, so I layered two coats over OPI Vant to Bite My Neck?, which matches the base color perfectly.  On my index and pinky nails, I used Bundle Monster plate 317 to stamp the heart pattern starting with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Cinna-Snap (which you can barely see), and then Essie Penny Talk.


Heartbeat is definitely a classic Windestine color.  I absolutely love when she uses small glitters, and her jelly/glitter color combos are always flawless.  Stay tuned for the other four polishes in this collection!

Happy Holodays

Today I have some more new Pretty & Polished colors!  The Happy Holodays (get it?) duo is comprised of a gorgeous red holo jelly and a very Christmassy glitter topper.  Individually, they rock, together they are holiday perfection.

First up is Ruby, a deep red jelly with scattered holographic microglitter.  It kind of reminds me of Zoya Blaze (which I don’t have, but have seen plenty of swatches of).  This is beautiful.  I actually really love how subtle the holo is – the red is center stage, the holo just makes it extra special.

Here’s another pic where you can see that gorgeous, lit from within quality Ruby has.  So, so pretty.  This is two coats of Ruby with Essie Good to Go.  Ruby dries a bit dull, so you’ll definitely want some top coat to bring out the sparkles.

And here it is with the Glitter Topper.  The glitter topper is made up of two sizes of small red glitter, small lime green glitter and smaller kelly green glitter.  Compared to a lot of Christmas glitters I’ve seen, this is relatively simple, but oh-so perfect.

And mattified so you can see the glitter better. This is one coat of the Glitter Topper over Ruby.  The glitter was easy to apply.  There was no fishing or dragging.  I really love how it looks matte!

Pretty and Polished’s holiday collection with be available this Friday, November 9th in her Etsy shop.  I have three more of them to show you this week, and they’re equally amazing.

What do you think of her new polishes so far?

Lady of the Lake

a-England is definitely one of my favorite brands right now.  Their formula is flawless, and their colors are vibrant and unique.  If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out!

Lady of the Lake is one of the first a-Englands I bought in their sale a couple months ago.  It’s a gorgeous dark purple with blue undertones and a TON of holographic microglitter.  In dim lighting, they just look like silver sparkles, but this really comes alive in the light.  Gorgeous!

And here is a second, blurred picture so you can see the holo effect better.  Adina (the creator of a-England) definitely didn’t skimp on the glitter!  I also bought Tristam, which is pretty much the same with a navy base.  And check out the Legends collection if you love the holo.

Sorry my camera hates holos (and purples), but I had to show it anyway 🙂

a-England polishes are available directly from a-England, or from online retailers like Llarowe and Ninja Polish.  I recently bought the entire Gothic Beauties collection – which is amazing – and am planning on getting St. George and Bridal Veil next!

What’s your favorite a-England?

All Hail the Queen

Butter LONDON’s All Hail the Queen was my very first post on this blog.  As you can see, I’ve gotten way better at the picture taking thing (even though I could use a new camera), and since I wore this a few weeks ago, I thought I’d do an updated post (one where you can actually see the polish).

AHTQ is still my favorite butter LONDON polish.  I’m not a sparkly nail polish person – glitter is a rarity for me – but I absolutely love this!  It’s the perfect nude polish filled with holographic microglitter and a touch of pink shimmer.  It’s nude polish with a little something extra.  And probably the only holographic polish that is also office-appropriate.  I think, no matter what your polish taste or skin tone, you need this.

This is two coats with Essie Good to Go.

To Buy or Not to Buy

This is To Buy or Not to Buy from Essie’s spring 2012 collection.  It’s a bright lavender with teeny tiny blue and pink flakes, which show up much better in the bottle.  In the picture below, you can kind of see them on my index finger.  I usually choose cremes over anything sparkly anyway, so this didn’t bother me too much.  But if you were expecting the amount of shimmer in the bottle, you’ll probably be disappointed.  The base color is beautiful, almost exactly the same as Essie’s Nice is Nice from last year’s spring collection, but a little brighter and pinker.  In some lights, this one actually looks like a very cool-toned pink.

This is three coats with Essie Good to Go.  It’s a little lumpy, but evens itself out.  Just don’t try to add another coat until the previous one is dry.

Also, sorry about my super dry cuticles, they’re insisting on being dry no matter what I put on them right now.

butter LONDON Lady Muck

I’ve wanted this polish for a while, and finally bought it today!  Seriously getting addicted to butter LONDON polishes (I’ve bought four in the past three days).  I am NOT one for sparkles, and usually feel really uncomfortable wearing glittery polishes.  But, like All Hail the Queen, I totally see myself wearing this a lot.  Right now it feels icy and wintry, but I can totally see this being a staple come spring.

Here it is without flash.  I like that it has some grey in it – makes it much easier to wear.  It looks more grown up, especially since there is a ton of sparkle in it.

Lady Muck with flash. Just gorgeous.  You can definitely see the silver microglitter here.

I used three coats to get it even (you could probably get away with two if you’re more careful and patient than I was) and topped it with Essie Good to Go.

Sorry about the bluriness and terrible lighting – my camera is having focusing issues (which I’m working on) and the light in my apartment is terrible.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to get these pictures without having to buy/make anything, since I’m moving in a few months.

butter LONDON All Hail the Queen

This is my first butter LONDON polish, and I’m in LOVE!  Which is saying a lot, since I am not a glitter/shimmer/sparkle person.  This is the most I’ve ever spent on a single polish, and I don’t regret it a bit.  The formula on this is seriously amazing.  This is three super thin coats with Essie Grow Stronger basecoat and Essie Good to Go topcoat.

With flash.  The pink shimmer you see in the bottle is much more subtle on the nail. You can definitely see the holographic microglitter here.  So pretty!

In natural light (which isn’t a lot right now since it’s snowing).  It becomes much more muted in indirect light.

It’s subdued indoors, and super sparkly under bright light.  Definitely a new favorite! I will definitely be buying more butter LONDON polishes  soon (Lady Muck is next on my list).