Red, White, & Blue Bunting

I LOVE these!  I am still obsessed with bunting nails, and even though this is the third time I’ve done them, I am not in the least bit sick of doing them (which is really saying something, because I get tired of things pretty quickly).  I love them so much, you guys get an extra picture today!

red, white, & blue bunting

I started with a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (if you don’t have this, hunt it down now – it is amazing).  Then I painted on the little bunting flags with Nails Inc. Baker Street (another polish you all need – seriously), China Glaze Adventure Red-y, Essie Rock the Boat, and Essie Snap Happy.

red, white, & blue bunting

They’re not perfect, but I really love them.  I would be totally happy with these on my nails for the entire summer (ok, I’d maybe last a month week, but you get the point).  I will for sure be recreating these to wear tomorrow.

red, white, & blue bunting

Send me links to your patriotic manis in the comments below!

And to all my American readers – Happy Independence Day! (Even though America became an independent country on July 2nd – not the 4th – and we celebrate on the wrong day.)

To everyone else – happy Wednesday!

Patriotic Stamping

I can’t believe it is already July!  This year is going by so fast!

I needed to do some patriotic nail art this week, and this is my least favorite of the ones I’ve done so far.  I’m not entirely happy with how these turned out.  But I thought I’d show you anyway, since it’s not a complete fail.  Just kind of meh.

american flag

The white (used for the stripes and stamping) is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On.  The blue is Pure Ice French Kiss and the red is Orly Star Spangled. I used Cheeky plate CH51 for the stars.

american flag

I’ve already done one other 4th of July mani, and it is amazing!  So look for that on Wednesday.  And share your patriotic nails in the comments below! I’d love to see them.  Have a good week everyone!

Election Day

Not only is today Election Day in the US, it’s a Presidential Election day!

So today I have another new Pretty & Polished polish called… Election Day!  I couldn’t not wear it, right?

Election Day is an awesome mix of red squares, blue hexes, white stars and “stripes” (which are really bar glitters), holographic silver bars, and tiny red and white glitter.  I wanted something subtle, so I layered one coat of Election Day over OPI Don’t Pretzel my Buttons.  Love how it turned out!

And here’s a shot of my never-before-seen right thumb, so you can see one of the two stars I managed to get out of the bottle (the other’s on my left index finger, but it’s kind of hard to see).

This is the second time I will be voting for President, and I really love being able to participate in the government.  If you’re eligible to vote in the US, GO VOTE!

Think your vote doesn’t count?  It does.  Hitler was elected as head of the Nazi Party by one vote.  Idaho, Oregon, California, Texas and Washington became states because of one vote (each).   Because of one vote, the official language of the US is English, not German.  JFK won the election by one vote per precinct in just 10 precincts.  One vote saved Andrew Johnson from impeachment.  Andrew Jackson was elected by one vote.  Thomas Jefferson was elected over Aaron Burr by just one vote.  In 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes became the 3rd president to be elected by one vote.  And one vote gave women the right to vote.

So after you finish looking at this awesome nail polish, go help decide who will be the next President of the United States.  If only because it gives you license to complain later 🙂

“Every election is determined by the people who show up.”
― Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing