Advent Calendar Day 2 – Gold

Today’s mani didn’t really end up like I had envisioned it, but I thought I’d show you anyway.  I had the idea to do some stamping with two different shades of gold, and went with my favorite pattern – houndstooth.  I do have to say that this looked better in real life, but, in addition to orange and purple, my camera also hates shiny (I’m looking into getting a new one).  Anyway, I did like this, and think it would look equally awesome with a brocade pattern.

gold houndstooth

For the base, I used OPI Goldeneye (from the James Bond Skyfall collection) and stamped the houndstooth with Bundle Monster plate 322 and Essie Good As Gold.

And here’s a really awkward angle so you can see the pattern better.  I really hate how Goldeneye has a tendency to get everywhere.  Word to the wise, do not get this on your cuticles.  Ever.

gold houndstooth

For someone who doesn’t really wear metallic polishes, I actually have quite a few golds.  What’s your favorite gold polish?


Blue Chevrons

This design combines three of my favorite (nail art) things: cobalt, a sheer base, and chevrons.  I’ve been pretty into patterned (especially graphic) nails lately (seen here and here) and I love how simple chevrons are, while still making a big impact.  I freehanded these, and I wish the lines were a little cleaner, but they looked good from a distance. The sheer base idea is something I picked up from Mr. Candiipants, and I’ve been adding sheer/jelly polishes to my collection just for this purpose.  I really like how these turned out.

blue chevrons

For the base, I used OPI My Pointe Exactly, and I painted the chevrons with China Glaze Man Hunt and a striper brush.

What’s your favorite pattern (I could use some more ideas)?

Fall Herringbone

These are definitely some of my favorites in a while.  I wanted to do something with fall colors, and was inspired by these nails by Mr. Candiipants (she’s awesome – you should definitely check her out!).  They were actually easier than I had expected, and I’m glad to have this design in my arsenal.  It’s a nice way to combine colors that is still unusual and interesting.

I used OPI Samoan Sand as a base (I’m absolutely loving sheer colors as bases for nail art at the moment), and painted on the herringbone with my most “fall” colors: OPI Ginger Bells, China Glaze Kalahari Kiss, and China Glaze Desert Sun, with OPI Ski Teal We Drop added in to offset all the orange.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I wish I had a good excuse, but truth is, I was a little bit unmotivated (plus I forgot about the pictures still on my camera and didn’t feel like taking new ones), and an expansion pack for the Sims 3 (any fans out there?) came out, sooo I’ve been playing that instead of blogging.  I only feel a little bad.  But, it was a much needed “break” and now I’m back!  So expect some good (or at least ok) posts this week 🙂

LDTTW Challenge Day 2: It’s Vintage, Darling!

Today’s post is supposed to be inspired by a popular fashion look from the past.  My first thought was flapper dresses, but I thought I’d do something different since I used the 20s for the last challenge day.

I’ve always loved the 1950s “housewife” dresses, so I did some research and found some awesome 50s fabric patterns.  These may or may not have been used for clothing, but I think it still fits.

I stuck to four colors to keep the look cohesive.  I used Sally Hansen White On, OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever, China Glaze First Mate, and China Glaze Peachy Keen.

I love the contrast of the graphic and floral elements!  Hope you like these as much as I do!  I’m really enjoying this challenge!

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Lots of Little Lines

About 90% of the time, when I bring home a new polish, I have to swatch it right away, whether it’s on my fingers, or a piece of tape.  So I was playing around with a few new ones I got at Sally’s last week, and thought the colors would look good together.  I somehow ended up with this.

I think it looks kind of tribal, but really, I was just making triangles out of lines.  I kind of love the pattern.

I started with a base of China Glaze Peachy Keen, which has been on my wish list forever, and used China Glaze First Mate (blue) and Finger Paints Go Van Gogh (green, and also – love the name), to freehand all the lines.

I probably could have done a better job, but I was tired and not really paying attention.  Still, I like how they turned out.